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Hermit Studio Has Upgraded To VPS With A Multi-site Drupal Core

Multi-site Drupal Core at Hermit Studio

Multi-site Drupal Core at Hermit Studio

There hasn’t been a lot of general studio news to report lately that hasn’t been touched on in the various other project division blogs we have. Since Mr Rabbit’s Big Adventure came to Hermit Studio we have also been working on moving our Web Hosting from a Shared Server to a Virtual Private Server or VPS.

We now own over 50 domains and plan to upgrade our sites to using a Multi-site Drupal Core instead of bespoke PHP script or WordPress blogs. As and when we rework each site, we shall move them over to the new VPS. This will let the websites run faster and take more traffic. Of course any client websites will also benefit from the upgrade too.

We have fallen in love with Drupal and we now want to specialise in CMS Web Development, whilst using our PHP skills to customise things when we need it. This is a big step for Hermit Studio toward expanding our web-presence over the coming year.

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Hermit Studio Now Open For Donations

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

In the process of writing up a Development Update for Hermit Studio Games we created a Donations Page for the studio which goes completely towards our web hosting bills.

We have set ourselves up at IndieGoGo but since we have decided to divert resources from the Cyrano game into smaller games (that can fund the graphics we need to out source for Cyrano) we haven’t got the time to set up everything we need right now in our campaign as we are focusing on preparing for the open of business on September 1st.

So for now if you would like to contribute to our cause, not just to help us get these first few games up and running, but also for some of our more grander ideas such as The Hermit Studios project – then Please Support Us!

For more ways to help us visit our Support Page and don’t forget we also need help just getting the word out there that Hermit Studio exists in the first place. Every tweat or shared link makes a difference so please Spread The Word!

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Hermit Studio

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#HermitStudio and #The Hermitage+ Google Plus Pages

Hello Fellow Hermiteers,

Just another quick update to say that we have set up a couple of Google+ Pages one representing the studio itself and sharing similar information on our site here, but we ALSO started a page just for growing a community of Hermits and introvert friendly people who would like to engage and connect with like minded people over the internet to help against the isolation that can come sometimes from a Hermit Lifestyle. We have one advantage over the Hermits of the past, we can both be alone and connected at the same time (as long as you have a computer and an internet connection that is).

The links have been added to the list at the bottom of this page but you can also find it here:


#The Hermitage+ (Note: I know this hashtag can look broken sometimes on Google but if you search for the page exactly as it is typed here you will find it)

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Thank You Idea Paint


We at Hermit Studio have always been big whiteboard fans as it gives us the mental space to brain dump some of the many ideas floating through our minds clamouring to become real. We had recently invested in some IdeaPaint and we sanded a single space on our studio wall about approx. 1.2m x 3.25m in size, as well as a smaller 1m x 0.7m board in the music room.

It took us a while to get the wall sanded, plastered and primed properly after which it takes about a week to cure once you paint the Idea Paint on. Yesterday the whiteboard was finally ready to use and as you can see from the photos we have already put it to good use for our first day. So thank you Idea Paint!

Our order of coloured pens should arrive tomorrow too 😀

Hermit Studio

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