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Hermit Studio Re-Branding: Web Development and Content Consultants


One year, one month, one week on from the beginning of Hermit Studio as a business and it’s time to refocus. We decided to re-write our message by updating all the content on our website; resetting our main focus to Web development. The slogan, as you may have noticed, has changed from Creative Works From Introverts to Web Development and Content Consultants.

If you re-read our new About page, you can see how we have reshaped our core services in a more defined way. Instead of the long list of things we can do, Website – Games – Apps – Publications – Photography – Music , we decided to focus on Web Development as our brand message for Hermit Studio.

Here is a little quote:

Hermit Studio is housed at Hermit House, in the countryside outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on Web development in PHP, Drupal and WordPress.

So please re-read the Hermit Studio site again if it has been a while since you last visited, because it has likely changed a bit since then.

Thanks 😀

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