Around our Web development duties we have found time to work on a number of creative projects on and off. This is an overview of our project list along with their current status activity:

Hermit Studio Press:

Written Works and Graphic Art From Half A Step Over (ACTIVE)

NovoPulp: The Speculative Fiction Anthology

Get my copy of NovoPulp!

NovoPulp: The Speculative Fiction Anthology (ACTIVE)

Let’s bring back the best of the days of Pulp: Fiction written by and for those who love the genre. Pushing boundaries, asking the questions, demanding the answers, and even providing some.

We’d like to collect, anthologise, and produce one volume a year of the very best Speculative Fiction that G+ can provide. We also want to publish a quarterly edition for serials. All comers are welcome – we want everyone to have the chance to put their ideas before the world, to be the one who saw what the rest of us didn’t – or wouldn’t – and so change the world.

As any writer will tell you, getting paid is the hard part. That part has to change too. At Novo Pulp (and it base community at Google+) we’ve never minded paying for quality SF. Never. Neither have any of the SF lovers we have ever known. In today’s shattered market, it’s every story for itself. It can be impossible to tell which writer, which story, even if you happen to hear of them. We can change that too.

Want to take part? You can join our NovoPulp communities at Google+ and tell us so, or apply to join NovoPulp HQ directly! We need writers and editors, typesetters and artists, and juries of readers!

Links: NovoPulp WebsiteNovoPulp STORE – Support Our NovoPulp G+ Indie Authors and ArtistsG+ Public Community G+ HQ CommunityG+SF Anthologies Page

Bite-sized Blitz: Practical Productivity in Bite-sized Steps

click to visit Bite-sized Blitz

Bite-sized Blitz: Practical Productivity in Bite-sized Steps (INACTIVE)

“This blog will be about sharing the full range of my productivity experience, as well as trying out new methodologies, ideas and tools for improvement. Where the blog will tie together with my book is the idea behind the name Bite-sized Blitz, which is about dealing with big things in bite-sized chunks.”+Niamh Brown

Links: Bite-sized Blitz Newsletter Press Release Website

Hermit Studio Photography: Natural Digital Art (INACTIVE)

Mr Rabbit's Big Adventure at Hermit Studio

click to visit Mr Rabbit’s Big Adventure Page

Mr Rabbits Big Adventure! (INACTIVE)

This is a Creative366 Project that Hermit Studio participated in, along with Charles Strebor, Micha Fire, Knut Torgersen and many others to come as Mr Rabbit tours the world!

Links: Mr Rabbit’s Big Adventure at Hermit Studio

The Sunflower Project by Hermit Studio Photography

click to read about The Sunflower Project

The Sunflower Project (INACTIVE)

Since 2012 we have grown a border of sunflowers in our allotment with the hopes of making a photography project out of it and perhaps a photo book. See my favourite Sunflower photographs now on my Google+ Profile Cover.

Links: The Sunflower Project DetailsSunflowers and Scaredy CatsThe First Of The Sunflower Head Have OpenedSunflowers Going To Seed

The Hermit House Virtual Gallery at Google+

click to see the gallery

The Hermit House Virtual Gallery (INACTIVE)

This page is a showcase of art, by G+ Indie artists, which we want to hang on the walls of The Hermit House or that we are lucky enough to own.

Links: Google+ PageCall For Nomination Post

Hermit Studio at Fine Art America

click to visit Fine Art America

Prints For Sale (ACTIVE)

With a photo backlog of years of snapping away with the camera we intend to start uploading our work to sites where people can order prints.

Links: Fine Art AmericaDeviant ArtRed Bubble

Hermit Studio Games: Gaming on the Shoulders of Giants (INACTIVE)

+Ted Ewen The Games I Played This Week

click to visit The Games I Played This Week

The Games I Played This Week Blog: Musings on Games and Gaming (INACTIVE)

“Well, I’m pretty much going to do what the domain says I will: talk about the games I played this week. They will not necessarily be the latest releases or the most anticipated titles, and they may not necessarily change every week, but they will be the games I have played. I will try to bring out aspects of game play or interface which have caught my attention while I play and to share any inspirations I might find as well. At the beginning of each month I will be looking at the game design theme for the coming month over at and toward the end of the month I will be spotlighting some of my favourites of the releases which result from it.” +Ted Ewen

Links: The Games I Played This Week

Cyrano Against The One Hundred by Hermit Studio Games

click to visit The Unity Field

Cyrano: Against The One Hundred (INACTIVE)

As this is to be our first released game and we will also be starting off with the learning curve for Unity and PlayMaker Development. So we plan to start with Cyrano ‘The Cube Wars’ and build up the game from a piece of grit, adding layer and layer of functionality and form until we get a polished pearl of a game. The end result that we hope to reach for the game Cyrano: Against The One Hundred is a three dimentional role playing game where you are the sword-wielding soilder and poet Cyrano De Bergerac; fighting against one hundred men that were sent after a fellow poet and friend. When you confront members of the one hundred, the game zooms down into a more tradtional top down Game Board suspended in 3D space, where you can throw daggers and furniture in taverns or go swordfighting in the streets of 17th century France. Win over the crowds as you fight and they may even help you out. Cyrano beat one hundred men in one night – can you?

Links: Unity Field BlogPinterest

We also have a puzzle game designed, which we plan to prototype at some point.

Hermit House Homesteading: Embracing a Lower Standard of Living to Achieve a Higher Quality of Life (ACTIVE)

Hermit House Homesteading

click to visit Hermit House Homesteading

“We are wife and husband team working toward sustainable self-sufficiency on a fifth of an acre in the watercolour countryside of Denmark. We wanted to see how much we could do for ourselves on a tiny plot of land that we’d fallen in love with.” +Ted Ewen

Links: Website Google+ Community

The Big Ideas (INACTIVE)

Time Trader by The Hermit Studios

click to visit The Hermit Studios

The Hermit Studios: Empowering People to Change The World from Home (INACTIVE)

In starting the studio it was always with a bigger plan in mind: to engage and energise introverts by promoting their own work within an open online studio collective. Here we want to expand into creating a business to employ and promote the efforts of an under-served and under-utilised segment of our society: introverts. One third to one half of the population are introverts, and technology has finally advanced to the point that we can be both introverts and collectively productive.

Links: Time TraderThe Hermit Studios

Project Slow Boat by The Hermit Studios a Project Division of Hermit Studio

click to visit Project Slowboat

Project Slow Boat (INACTIVE)

Taking the Long View on Human Colonization of Space: “Bring a asteroid to near orbit, mine it for the minerals and to create living space, put on a bunch of drives and aim for Alpha Proxima. It could take a lifetime just to get out system, but think of all that might be learned while we get up to speed”

Links: G+ #ProjectSlowBoat Page

… plus the many, many other project ideas that will hopefully get taken out of storage, aired and worked on soon enough 🙂

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