English Proofreading

We Love To Read

Since we moved from the UK to Denmark in 2008 we have been using our writing skills to proofread for non-native English speakers.

If you would like to have the peace-of-mind of knowing that your English copy has been proofread to give it the professional touch it deserves, then Hermit Studio can help.

Our Services

  • Proofreading English content.
  • Proofreading machine translated English content (Danish).
  • Re-writing existing English content.
  • Writing web content.
  • Writing social media content.
  • Writing articles.
  • Writing technical documentation.
  • Providing general guidance and email support.

Hourly Rate: 300 kr / 55 USD / 40 EUR

New Premium Product: Peace-of-Mind Proofreading Package (SAVE 20%)

For a limited number of VIP customers we can provide the Peace-of-Mind Proofreading Package. By committing to a certain amount of work over a 6 month period, you can spread your monthly payments across the term. Here are the benefits of the Peace-of-Mind Proofreading Package:

  • 20% discount on our hourly rate.
  • Guaranteed number of hours of work spread over a course of 6 months (see 3 options below).
  • High priority scheduling.
  • Content will be proofed by two people.
  • Fixed monthly payment plan (NET 30 after first installment).
  • VIP Email Support.
  • Upgrade: Lifetime roll-over of hours not used in 6 month period (at standard priority) with a transfer fee of 15 kr / 2 EUR / 3 USD per hour (still saving 15% overall!)

bronzeBronze – 60 50 Hours  (10 hours maximum per month).

Total Package Cost: 15,000 18,000 kr / 2,500 3,000 USD / 2,000 2,400 EUR

Fixed Monthly Payment: 2,500 3,000 kr / 425 500 USD / 325 400 EUR


silverSilver – 120 100 Hours  (20 hours maximum per month).

Total Package Cost: 30,000 36,000 kr / 5,000 6,000 USD / 4,000 4,800 EUR

Fixed Monthly Payment: 5,000 6,000 kr / 825 1,000 USD / 675 800 EUR


goldGold – 180 150 Hours (30 hours maximum per month).

Total Package Cost: 45,000 54,000 kr / 7,500 9,000 USD / 6,000 7,200 EUR

Fixed Monthly Payment: 7,500 9,000 kr / 1,250 1500 USD / 1,000 1,200 EUR


We are also offering a trial period so you can see if Hermit Studio is the right fit for you before committing to a 6 month contract. We can arrange for a few hours work on a small task to be completed and if you decide to go forward with the Peace-of-Mind Proofreading Package then you can either receive a discount on the hours competed during the trial period, or use up some of the hours you have accrued on your account after purchase.

We are always happy to accommodate our customers and make special arrangements. If there is something you need, just ask!

Email us to claim your VIP spot for Peace-of-Mind Proofreading: hermits@HermitStudio.com

Want to try before you buy? Get in touch to arrange a trial period!


Our Writing Experience

Hermit Studio Proof Reading Service

click to enlarge image

At Hermit Studio we have a strong command of, and love for, the English language.  We have been writing freelance since 2007, proofreading since 2009, and have 14 years commercial experience in Technical Writing. We are able to handle both British English and American English. Besides writing content on our main blog, our Project Division blogs, and social media networks – we have written and proofread for:

Symphonical: Best Online Collaboration App

CMS Critic: The Premier Resource for CMS Reviews, Website Builder Reviews, Advice, Resources and More.

DegreeSearch: Online Education | Accredited Online Colleges & Degrees

NovoPulp: The Speculative Fiction Anthology

Bite-sized Blitz: Practical Productivity in Bite-sized Steps

MediaTapper: The online magazine that talks about social media, technology and the people who use them. Living it. Reporting it. Sharing it. (Note: Website no longer available due to closure)

Helium: Where Knowledge Rules (Note: Articles no longer available due to restructuring)

The Press, York: News, sports, leisure, houses, jobs, cars, what’s on and live travel (Note: Articles are not available online)

(b)human: Real stories with tangible feedback. (Note: Website no longer available due to closure)

The Games I Played This Week: Musing on games and gaming…

Hermit House Homesteading: Embracing a Lower Standard of Living to Achieve a Higher Quality of Life

HubPages: Publish easily. Attract readers. Earn rewards.

Squidoo: What’s your story? Create a collection of the things you know and love.

TIBU: (Note: Website no longer available due to closure)

…and other Publications.

For further details you can Submit a Query to:


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