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Hermit Studio Is Two Years Old Today!

It has been an interesting two years so far, and we are looking forward to see what the next year brings!

Hermit Studio Is 2 Years Old Today!

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Thanks for all your support!

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Symphonical Slideshow by Hermit Studio: 4 Tips to Run Effective Meetings

This week we created a Slideshow on behalf of our client Symphonical. We have written for them and proofread their copy before, but this is not only our first Slideshow for Symphonical, it is our first Slideshow period.

To create this we used Google Slides, using Canva for the graphical elements. All in all we are quite pleased with our first attempt and it was interesting work boiling down a whole long form blog post into essential bullet points. It was also a great creative collaboration between everyone at Hermit Studio and Symphonical.

You can view the 4 Tips To Run Effective Meetings Slideshow here:

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Hermit Studio Expanding into the .NET Framework and Mobile Web Development

Hermit Studio ASP.NET

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Over the course of the last few years we have been experimenting and training in ASP.NET, C#, jQuery, HTML5, and a little Umbraco. We have also just started working with mobile web development and responsive design. We are now at the stage where we looking for small projects to start building up our portfolio that include examples of these skills. A lot of our work so far  has been in back-end systems that are not made public, so we want to start creating sites we can show off to others.

We intend over the coming years to start replacing a lot of our old PHP/CMS sites into custom made ASP.NET/C# sites as time permits. This is to provide better functionality, themes, and content strategy for our projects. Clients using the PHP/Drupal/WordPress websites we developed for them will be given the option to upgrade in due course.

As things develop we will post further updates on this blog. If you are interested in getting a quote email your specification to:

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Hermit Studio Re-Branding: Web Development and Content Consultants


One year, one month, one week on from the beginning of Hermit Studio as a business and it’s time to refocus. We decided to re-write our message by updating all the content on our website; resetting our main focus to Web development. The slogan, as you may have noticed, has changed from Creative Works From Introverts to Web Development and Content Consultants.

If you re-read our new About page, you can see how we have reshaped our core services in a more defined way. Instead of the long list of things we can do, Website – Games – Apps – Publications – Photography – Music , we decided to focus on Web Development as our brand message for Hermit Studio.

Here is a little quote:

Hermit Studio is housed at Hermit House, in the countryside outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on Web development in PHP, Drupal and WordPress.

So please re-read the Hermit Studio site again if it has been a while since you last visited, because it has likely changed a bit since then.

Thanks 😀

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Hermit Studio Has 9/10 Links on the First Page of Google Search Results

I was sent a link via Google+ about How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Google. I did a quick check in an incognito window for ‘Hermit Studio‘ and although we are not number one (which is a much older website with a similar name) we own the remaining 9 links on the first page of the Google search results. This was such a nice surprise I just had to post the screenshot:

Hermit Studio Has 9/10 links on the First Page of Google Search Results

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Hermit Studio Has a New Company Page on LinkedIn

Hermit Studio Company Page on LinkedIn

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During the process of looking for new clients and prospects we have created a new Company Page on LinkedIn for Hermit Studio. We are still filling out details for all the products and services, but the major ones are up at the moment. We will try to remember to post updates to it whenever there is a development from the company, so it acts as a hub for social media content that is not necessarily mentioned on any of our Project Division blogs.

Please support Hermit Studio by following us if you have a LinkedIn account and we would really welcome any insights & feedback you have!

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Hermit Studio Has Upgraded To VPS With A Multi-site Drupal Core

Multi-site Drupal Core at Hermit Studio

Multi-site Drupal Core at Hermit Studio

There hasn’t been a lot of general studio news to report lately that hasn’t been touched on in the various other project division blogs we have. Since Mr Rabbit’s Big Adventure came to Hermit Studio we have also been working on moving our Web Hosting from a Shared Server to a Virtual Private Server or VPS.

We now own over 50 domains and plan to upgrade our sites to using a Multi-site Drupal Core instead of bespoke PHP script or WordPress blogs. As and when we rework each site, we shall move them over to the new VPS. This will let the websites run faster and take more traffic. Of course any client websites will also benefit from the upgrade too.

We have fallen in love with Drupal and we now want to specialise in CMS Web Development, whilst using our PHP skills to customise things when we need it. This is a big step for Hermit Studio toward expanding our web-presence over the coming year.

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Hermit Studio Is Officially Open For Business!


As some of you already know our studio doors officially opened today as the start of trading began. There wasn’t much to record in our first entry to the cash book beyond our first business trip to get a remote control for the camera and a new work mobile (this is so we can also develop apps for the Android market as well as iOS). However the accounting books are now done and the day is over, with a satisfied sense that the business is finally real. Yay!

We are of course still in development for our first game but you can keep up to date with any news at our Hermit Studio Games Blog, or any of the other project divisions listed on our Projects Page. There are also other ways to Support Us right now via our Support Page until we have our first open release.

…and remember: Whenever you Donate to us or buy one of our products know you aren’t just making our day, you are also helping us reach our goal: to Empower People To Change The World From Home through The Hermit Studios project. Therefore you are also helping us help the wider world whenever you support our work.

We believe every share, comment and penny counts when it comes to making the world a better place, which is why we are doing our bit by getting the project up and running in the first place. So to those who choose to support us at this early stage, no matter how small the gesture, we salute you; it’s people like you that already make the world a brighter place to be in anyway 😀

Hermit Studio

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Hermit Studio Now Open For Donations

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

In the process of writing up a Development Update for Hermit Studio Games we created a Donations Page for the studio which goes completely towards our web hosting bills.

We have set ourselves up at IndieGoGo but since we have decided to divert resources from the Cyrano game into smaller games (that can fund the graphics we need to out source for Cyrano) we haven’t got the time to set up everything we need right now in our campaign as we are focusing on preparing for the open of business on September 1st.

So for now if you would like to contribute to our cause, not just to help us get these first few games up and running, but also for some of our more grander ideas such as The Hermit Studios project – then Please Support Us!

For more ways to help us visit our Support Page and don’t forget we also need help just getting the word out there that Hermit Studio exists in the first place. Every tweat or shared link makes a difference so please Spread The Word!

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Hermit Studio

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