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#HermitStudio and #The Hermitage+ Google Plus Pages

Hello Fellow Hermiteers,

Just another quick update to say that we have set up a couple of Google+ Pages one representing the studio itself and sharing similar information on our site here, but we ALSO started a page just for growing a community of Hermits and introvert friendly people who would like to engage and connect with like minded people over the internet to help against the isolation that can come sometimes from a Hermit Lifestyle. We have one advantage over the Hermits of the past, we can both be alone and connected at the same time (as long as you have a computer and an internet connection that is).

The links have been added to the list at the bottom of this page but you can also find it here:


#The Hermitage+ (Note: I know this hashtag can look broken sometimes on Google but if you search for the page exactly as it is typed here you will find it)

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@HermitStudio Is Now On Twitter


As part of the setup for the web presence for the studio we have finally gotten round to setting up a twitter feed which will provide bite sized updates about what is going on at the studio and providing useful links for like minded hermits and hopefully adding to our hermit community.

As the title suggests our twitter name is @HermitStudio and we look forward to reading your tweets 🙂

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Sign-Up To The Hermit Studio – Message In A Bottle Newsletter

We have just set up a newsletter for the studio on to now email you news from Hermit Studio and our Project Divisions straight to your inbox! You can pick what projects you are interested in to get tailor made news, get notified first on offers and competitions from Hermit Studio. If you are interested in subscribing click the link below:
Subscribe to Hermit Studio – Message In A Bottle – Email Newsletter

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