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Project Divisions

Since starting this blog we have sat down and decided to set up Project Divisions to collect related work from the studio in separate streams. So far we have set up the following Project Divisions:

Hermit Studio Games

Hermit Studio Photography

Hermit Studio Press

The links for these have been added below and to the Projects and Support Us pages as well.

I’ve also moved arround and updated alot of the information to put in the relevant sub categories so you may noticed some changes to blog also.

The other site we have set up is for the larger ideas for promoting creators of various arts at The Hermit Studios

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Welcome To Hermit Studio

Hermit Studio is housed at Hermit House, in the countryside outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on the creative arts. We believe that gaming, writing,  the graphic arts, music and the interplay between them are the primary tools which allow us to tell our stories, and by telling them to affect the changes we want and need in the world around us. The studio will be focusing on a number of areas such as Game Development, Writing and Photography.

This is Hermit Studio signing out…for now 🙂

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